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Upholstery Cleaning - SW Suburbs

Often overlooked, upholstery is perhaps the category of home furnishing that needs the most care. From cloth sofas and leather couches, to dining room and kitchen chairs, Stan’s Carpet Cleaning recognizes that upholstery receives a lot of traffic. Lots of traffic leads to lots of wear-and-tear and dirt build up, which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing the deepest and safest clean possible throughout the Chicago suburbs. The dirt, grime, and soot that settles both on the surface and within the foam and padding of upholstered furniture can make for an unwelcoming presentation and scent, and can even lead to faster depletion of the fabrics. That’s why at Stan’s Carpet Cleaning, we go to even further lengths to restore your upholstery as best as possible.

Our naturally derived cleaning methods will refurbish your chairs, couches, and other pieces of furniture to a state you wouldn’t have believed possible, all while maintaining the strength and rigidity of the item. At Stan’s Carpet Cleaning, we understand - and embrace - that professionally cleaning upholstery isn’t just about making it look brand new again. One of the greatest advantages to having your upholstery professionally cleaned by Stan’s Carpet is that it will severely prolong its life, giving you more time to appreciate its functionality and/or intricacy.

Similar to the way we treat carpets and rugs, Stan’s Carpets first pretreats any stains or colored spots. We then proceed to execute a deep clean, using appropriate cleaning products tailored for each specific material. The cleaning is then followed by a rinse, water extraction, and the application of a final protectant to ensure that the fabric stays protected against future accidents and normal wear. The specially formulated products, methods, and equipment that we use for upholstery cleaning will ensure that your upholstered furniture looks 10 years younger. Beyond just looking new, below are some of the benefits of professionally cleaning your upholstery with Stan’s Carpet Cleaning:

Save Money - New furniture isn’t cheap - so why throw out that old chair or couch that just needs a little bit of cleaning? Deep cleaning your upholstery will restore its like-new presence and cleanliness. It’s not only more cost effective than purchasing all new furniture, but it will leave your items cleaner than they were when you first bought them.

Get rid of Odors - It’s no surprise that dirty furniture will begin to develop an odor of its own over time. Regular wear and even spills or vomit may lead you to believe that there’s no saving that beloved piece of upholstery, but a professional cleaning from Stan’s Carpets will change that for sure.

Make your home more inviting - You wouldn’t want to sit on dirty furniture at a gathering or dinner, would you? Neither would your guests! Dirty furniture isn’t something you have to just accept - it can be saved, and then some. A professional clean of your upholstery will brighten the room, add that fresh scent, and give your home or office an overall more inviting feel.

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What makes us different?

Unlike other carpet cleaning business in the Chicago area, Stan’s Carpet Cleaning offers several upholstery services that will leave your entire home looking brand new. Our gentle methods of upholstery cleaning are tough on stains and easy on patterns and fabrics. For something like a chair or couch that receives some of the most traffic in the home or office, it is important that there are no harmful chemicals that could be ingested by you or a loved one. That’s why, at Stan’s Carpet Cleaning, we only use safe, green cleaning solutions.