Carpet and Fabric care in Lemont and Chicago SW suburbs

Stan's Carpet Cleaning & Fabric Protection Care

Everyone makes mistakes - that’s why Lemont based Stan’s Carpet Cleaning is here to help. The last step in our carpet, rug, and upholstery services, the final protective layer is arguably the most important service we offer. Your home is full of things that are expected to stand up to everyday living. What better way to enhance those expectations than with our custom, naturally sourced fabric and carpet protectants? At Stan’s Carpets, we cater carpet protection to homes in and around the Lemont area, including neighboring towns or Orland Park, Romeoville, Palos Park, Burr Ridge, Homer Glen, and other Chicago suburbs.

Our rug and carpet protectors repel potential stains away from carpet fibers without changing the look and feel of your carpets. Stan’s Carpet recommends these protectants for high traffic areas like living room carpets and doormats the most. These highly effective protectants force liquids and unwanted contaminants up to the surface, where they then have the ability to collect and bead up for easy future clean up.

Why not just buy a fabric protectant at the store?

There are several benefits to choosing to have your carpets and fabrics professionally protected over self-applying a store bought solution. Here are just a few below:

  • Durability While store bought protectants can be effective for a few weeks, they wear off very quickly, as opposed to a professional coating. Stan’s Carpet offers only professional grade protective layers on all carpets and upholstery that cannot be matched from store bought chemicals. Our natural protectants are designed with heavy furniture and carpet use in mind, and are sure to last much longer, without having to be regularly reapplied, than anything sold in local stores.
  • Affordability Fabric protection sprays have some of the highest profit margins of any convenience store or furniture store. Additionally, they need to be reapplied, costing you far more than a professional application from Stan’s Carpet in the long run.
  • Health Store bought protectants are loaded with harmful allergens, carcinogens, and chemicals that can have severe effects on your health. Research associated perfluorinated chemicals have been found to be present in common store bought fabric and carpet protectors. These carcinogens have been highly linked to impaired human development as well as compromised immune and hormonal functions of humans. Is that really something you want to spray your home with? At Stan’s Carpet, all of our protectants are naturally derived green solutions to ensure the safety and health of you and your home or office.
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Difference between Carpet and Fabric Protectors

Our fabric protectors act in a similar way to our rug and carpet protectants. Professional cleaning coupled with our professional grade protective finishes will help maintain the structure of your fabrics, keeping them looking newer for longer. Our finishers protect against spills and stains by not letting them settle within your fabrics and furniture. Furthermore, they are also safe for even more delicate materials like silk and furs. Our protectors not only provide reliable protection, but are safe for your home and office. Just like our carpet cleaning solutions, we won’t use any harsh or dangerous chemicals in your home and office that we wouldn’t use in our own.