Tile and Grout Cleaning service in Lemont and Chicago suburbs

Tile & Grout Cleaning - SW Suburbs

Stan’s Carpet Cleaning, one of the highest rated carpet and fabric cleaners in the Lemont and surrounding SW suburbs, also offers several services pertaining to professional tile and grout cleaning. Our industry leading methods, coupled with our dedicated team off trained cleaners, offers over 20 years of experience in tile and grout cleaning, ensuring that the floors of your home or business look new again. We cater to floors and tiles of all type, including kitchen and bathroom floors, countertops, backsplashes, entryways, and much more.

In addition to our use of natural, biodegradable products and professional tools, our tile and grout cleaning methods have yet to be matched in the Chicagoland area. We first begin with a thorough deep clean and brushing. Unlike our competitors, we go the extra mile when it comes to cleaning even the most overlooked and hard-to-reach places of any grime build-up whatsoever. Next, our high pressure rinse deteriorates any and all dirt and grime that is left over. And our final extraction and protective coating ensures that your floors look newer and cleaner for longer. Stan’s Carpet Cleaning is here for all your tile and grout cleaning needs; from a mild cleaning to even the deepest stain and grime removal, our team of dedicated professionals will not disappoint when it comes to any of the tile and grout cleaning services we offer.

How do we clean tile and grout?

  • Our professional cleaning of your tile and grout begins with an in depth look into the floor in question. We will assess several factors like tile type, grout type, grout thickness, durability of the tile, and more to make the most educated decisions as to what products and machines to use on your floors. We also pay special attention to any tiles that may be cracked or grout that may be damaged in any way.

  • Next, the cleaning begins. At Stan’s Carpet, we first scrub the ground with our naturally derived products and pH balanced solutions. Doing so agitates the debris trapped within the porous grout and lifts it to the surface of the tiles.

  • Then we proceed to use our professional tile and grout cleaning machinery. The pressure from the machinery coupled with hot water and the presoaked solution extracts all the dirt and leaves your tiles and grout looking new again. Thanks to the green solutions that we use, we won’t leave your tiles feeling or looking any different than they would have felt brand new.

  • Our team finishes by inspecting our work and making sure no corners were cut and that all grout lines are cleaned evenly.
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Why clean your tiles and grout?

Sometimes soap and water just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the tiles and grout in your home and office. At Stan’s Carpet Cleaning, we present our professional tools and methods along with affordable pricing to bring the same industry leading grade deep clean to your home or office. Having your tiles and grout professionally cleaned has countless benefits. First, we take utmost care of your tiles and grout using the appropriate tools for the job to reduce the risk of damaging your floors. Simply purchasing chemicals and abrasive tools from your local store will not yield the same level of cleanliness, and can actually lead to weakening and loosening of the grout in between tiles. Abrasive chemicals can even have severe effects on the coloring and vibrancy of your tiles. That’s why Stan’s Carpet recognizes just how important it is to have the right tool for the job.

Professionally cleaning your tiles and grout will also leave them cleaner for longer. A professional clean will reveal the root cause of why the tiles and grout got so dirty in the first place. These observations can then lead to better recommendations and more educated decisions for future care and cleaning. It can even lead to less maintenance. A professional clean from Stan’s Carpet greatly increases the longevity of tile and grout, requiring only regular self-cleaning every few weeks, as opposed to up to once a week without a professional service.