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Earning its place as one of the highest rated professional carpet cleaning companies in the Chicagoland area, Stan's Carpet Cleaning Cleaning is known for its specialization in both residential and commercial carpet and rug cleaning. At Stan's Carpet Cleaning Cleaning, we provide a deep, like-new clean using only the safest, toxic-free, carpet, rug, and upholstery services. While the all-natural, plant based, cleaning solutions may be slightly more costly than their chemically derived counterparts, they are not only better for the environment, but better for your home and family.

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, we know how important it is to use only green cleaning solutions. That is why my team and I would never use chemicals in your home or business that we wouldn't use in our own. Moreover, we still blast through even the toughest stains and leave your home clean and safe when our work is done.

At Stan's Carpet Cleaning Cleaning, we are dedicated to serving you and your loved ones when cleaning your home or business with our safe and all-natural cleaners. Professional carpet cleaning goes deeper than just the fabrics - we always keep in mind the safest possible methods to make your carpets, rugs, and upholstery appear brand new. We also make an extensive effort to make sure that your surrounding furniture and valuables remain untampered with.

Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential carpet cleaning, Stan’s Carpet Cleaning is your one-stop-shop that promises to have you covered. Our commitment to customer service, attention to detail, and our certified deep carpet cleaning process have secured our spot as the favorite carpet cleaning company in Lemont and neighboring cities like Orland Park, Palos, Burr Ridge, and Homer Glen. To bring the same satisfaction to your home or business, be sure to check out some of the services we offer below:

  • Fast dependable customer service
  • Honest and Upfront Pricing on all Cleaning Services
  • Natural and toxic-free cleaning products
  • All work is backed by “Stan's Carpet Cleaning Cleaning Guarantee”
  • We move or raise all necessary furniture
  • Cleaning prices typical lower then big brand stores
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  • Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning

    It’s no surprise that regular carpet cleaning will make your carpets look brand new. However, many people often overlook the other benefits that come with that clean new look. Below are just a few of the benefits that are just as (if not more) important than a newer looking carpet.

    Extend the life of your carpet: Over time, dirt, debris, and other allergens settle within the strands and fibers of your carpets. When this debris collects for a prolonged period of time, the fibers can eventually begin to deteriorate by splitting and loosening from the base of the carpet. Removing this dirt is essential to prolonging the life of your carpets. Just like a kitchen knife must be kept clean and sharp to last a long time, carpets also require regular cleaning in order to stay bright, strong, and healthy to last as long as possible.

    Complement the rest of your room: The carpet is one of the first things that someone notices when stepping into a room. Hence, a dirty carpet leads to nothing more than a poor first impression. Considering that the carpet is the largest furnishing in a room, it deserves the most attention and should be cleaned regularly to enhance the overall cleanliness and presence of the room.

    Contributes to Your Health: . When a carpet is not cleaned regularly, the dirt and allergens that have settled within the fibers of the carpet begin to affect the air quality of a room. The indoor air contains pollens, fungus, bacteria, pollutants, cigarette smoke, and hundreds of other chemicals, all of which your carpet has the ability to absorb readily. When these dangerous molecules have settled within your carpet, they can then travel throughout the air, and can lead to respiratory problems and even allergic reactions for those living and working in your home or office. Therefore, it is vital that your carpets are cleaned regularly to contribute to a cleaner environment - an environment free of stale scents, and harmful allergens.

  • Recommended Carpet Cleaning Frequency

    Professional carpet cleaning frequency depends on the household or office space, and how much traffic it receives. Simply looking to see when your carpets look dirty is not enough to know how often they should be cleaned. More times than not, once your carpets begin to show color and debris on the surface, you’ve waited too long. For a clear explanation as to how often you should get your carpets cleaned professionally, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has curated a list using specific guidelines that depend on factors like the amount of people, pets, or smokers. Here are a few of their general guidelines below:

    1-2 times per year: Two people, non smoking household.
    2 times per year: A family with young children
    3 times per year: Two people, smoking household
    3-4 times per year: A family with young children and/or pets